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What is the difference between "Static" and "Dynamic" websites?

In simple terms, a "static" website is a website where pages are exactly the same each time they are loaded - there is no information that is updated every time the page loads.

A website can be considered "dynamic" if only one tiny little thing changes on the page each time the page is loaded - it could be as simple as a clock showing the current time, or a counter showing how many times the page has been loaded. Other pages can be considered "dynamic" if the content is loaded from a database - but it will appear to load exactly the same each time unless somebody edits the content.

Content Management Systems (CMS) websites are dynamic, you can add new content at anytime, change images, links etc. Our Client Editing service can change a "static" website into a "dynamic" website so that you can change the content any time you like, but isn't as involved or flexible as a CMS website.

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