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What is HTML, PHP & MySQL?

Acronyms are abound in the world of technology, and can be very confusing! Phunkemedia specialises in using HTML, PHP and MySQL when creating websites.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which is a fancy way of saying "code that browsers read to display a webpage".

Databases can be created in a few different ways, and Phunkemedia likes to use the MySQL database. MySQL stands for My Structured Query Language. The reason for using a database is so that you can easily change your content. Instead of messing around with HTML code, you can edit plain text - which anybody can understand.

PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor, and is the code that runs on the server before a HTML page is sent to your browser to view. PHP is used to get the website content from the database and to generate the page you are looking at in HTML.

When HTML, PHP and MySQL is all put together, Phunkemedia can create almost any functionality you require for a website.

You can read more about all these acronyms by searching for the acronym on Google.

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